Newtech Insulation (NTI) fabricates a complete line of removable-reusable insulation jackets to meet most industrial, commercial, and fireproof requirements. Our “ZAVE” insulations are the cost effective way to insulate exhaust system, turbine, oven, reflow soldering, wave soldering, boilers, valves, actuators, flanges, expansion joints, and other components, providing the user with the energy savings associated with permanent insulation and the flexibility of reusing the cover.

“ZAVE” can be fabricated from a wide range of materials depending upon the system temperature and specific service environment. The insulation jackets are made from various grades of industrial woven fiberglass fabric, encapsulating high temperature insulation.

We proudly use heatproof materials  PTFE (Teflon), silicone and other coated fiberglass cloth. Consequently, our fireproof and removable insulations provide excellent oil, moisture and abrasive resistance. For corrosive and high-temperature environments, we opt forantistatic PTFE coated fiberglass cloth or fiberglass cloth laminated with metal foil and reinforced with V4A (316 stainless steel)which are suitable for applications requiring extremely high temperature or offshore projects.
“ZAVE” jackets are used in applications ranging from 35 to 1260+ degree Celsius.

Advantages of “ZAVE” insulation by NTI

  • Not only insulations but also beneficial solutions to our customers
  • Within-24-hour customer service to new and existing customers
  • World-class materials with local price for both fabrication and installation
  • Fully support for MSDS, TDS, and necessary test reports
  • Professional measurements and designs by experienced, technical team
  • Attention to details and customers’ budget
  • 10 year-plus-hands-on experience with all types of mechanical equipment
  • Onsite professional installation by safety-trained, technical service
  • Easy to read, understand and work with installation drawings for each individual layer
  • Up to date filing system of projects, that allows replacement of any drawings or blankets for future outages
  • Free of charge for consultation, estimation and drawing to both local and overseas customers