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Automotive industries especially for tires and SMT silicone manufacturers have been using molding machines in their production. These molding machines have heaters inside the pot to generate heat and left surface temperature around 130-150C outside machines. Heat loss from the surface temperature consume big amount of electricity each year, so you can save it by using ZAVE insulation.

Casting and Furnance

Casting and furnace using for metal, aluminium, and copper will always have heat loss to the surface temperature while operating – particularly in case of loose insulation. Either gas or electricity driven for these castings and furnaces, they normally need efficient insulation to avoid high ambient and sustain stable heat inside them. We supply both insulation and heat-reflective fabric to this industry.


Newtech Insulation has furnished fabric expansion joints, filter bags, soundproof insulation, and removable thermal insulation to cement industry for years. We also provide “air slide polyester fabric” for cement conveying with various sizes and thickness. Heatproof fabric is widely used in this industry, and we have both fiberglass fabric and aramid fabric with or without coating to serve them.


Welding blankets or fireproof blankets are mostly used in construction filed. Construction in Thailand nowadays, heatproof fabric is a must-have item for welding jobs. NTI has several types of welding blankets from low temperature (300-400C) using with grinding works to high temperature (1200C) using with gas-cutting application. Non-irritated welding blanket is also available.


Reflow and wave soldering machines are one of necessary system in electronics industry. Energy-saving insulation from NTI can reduce surface temperature from 130-150C to 35-45C, and saving electricity’s bills several hundred thousand baht per plant per year – saving depends on quantity and quality of machines. We are the first fabricator of saving jacketsusing on soldering system in Thailand.


Our custom-made insulation blankets are also used in automotive, oil and petrol laboratories. Removable insulation blankets from Newtech Insulation provide safety to operators while handling or working with their equipment. We can make insulation following the equipment’s drawing or just sending us your equipment so that we can design and fabricate insulation to properly fit them.


Not only industrial insulation NTI supplies to nationwide factories, but we also provide fireproof jackets and heatproof insulation to military. For Royal Thai Navy, we have been proudly presented removable insulation blanket using with exhaust and main engines on several offshore patrol vessels. Our heatproof and fireproof blankets are also used on small, defensive tanks of Royal Thai Army.


Finding original insulation of mining-vehicle engines in Thailand is miserable task. This job is easily done by our professional team – just sending us a drawing of engines or insulation you’re looking for. Trust the expert is a slogan of our German supplier – HKO Group – so you can rely on thermal insulation materials we import from Germany and superb craftsmanship from our production.

Oil and Gas

Removable, fire-retardant blanket in petroleum industry is one of essential passive fire protection system to every plant – both onshore and offshore station. NTI’s fire-retardant blankets can be easily installed to valves, actuators, cable trays, control units and pipework. We specifically fabricate the fire-retardant blankets (fireproof jackets) to fit closely around the protected equipment.


Hundreds of petrochemical factories in Thailand particularly those using plastic injection and extruding machines in there line are NTI’s customers. Long experience of insulation works in this business implies us a conclusion of 30% saving for electricity’s consumption by average. Maximum reduction of surface temperature is more than 200C – before 280C and after just 55-60C – try us now.

Power Plant

Fabric expansion joint, filter bag, heatproof gloves, thermal insulation box, and fireproof jacket are generally used in every power plant. We design and fabricate these products to suit your application. Just call us for on-site meeting or sending us a drawing for cost estimation, our sales rep or technician service will get back to you within 48 hours. Our materials are certified with UL94-V0.


Shipbuilding industry inquires welding blanket, thermal insulation tape, heat reflexive fabric, and removable, insulation blanket. NTI’s heat-protection products and other related stuff can be applied to metal work, pipework, exhaust system, turbo and engines.Both fix and removable insulation jackets, we can serve you with international-standard materials following your budget and schedule.