Do you also make metal and rubber expansion joint?
No, we neither fabricate metal nor rubber expansion joint. We only design and produce heatproof fabric expansion joints.
What is the maximum temperature for fabric expansion joint?
The maximum temperature of fabric expansion joints made by NTI is 1800C, and the most inquired expansion joint by our customer is in rank of 200-600C.
Is there insulation blanket inside the expansion joint?
It depends on inquiry by customers and working conditions. We will use thermal insulation like needle mat or ceramic blanket with high-temp fabric expansion joints. For 500C or less of inside temperature, we only use heatproof fabrics.
How long for the service life of this product?
Service life of fabric expansion joint is between 2-3 years – no acid, no abrasive fly ash or particles inside.
fabric is suitable for making expansion joint using on high vibration area?
Forexpansion joint using on high vibration area, we will use heatproof fabric with multilayer coated of PTFE (Teflon) or heat-protection fabric with steel wire reinforced to strengthen expansion joint from tensile stress.