Do you have ready stock or only custom-made size available?
For welding blankets, we have both ready stock and custom-made size.Special sizes are welcome and need just one week for lead time.
Do you have non-irritating blanket?
Yes, we have non-irritate fabric, but its price is higher than normal one.
What is the weight of welding blanket?
Welding blanket normally has 1.0-1.5 kg/sqm
Can sewing thread withstand high temperature as blanket?
We only use aramid thread with 316 stainless steel reinforced for welding blankets, so customers can rely on this thread rather than polyester or fiberglass one.
What is the production time for special-large size of welding blanket?
For special-large size of welding blanket, we need 3-4 days, but it also depends on quantity and types of fabric?