We can also design Passive Fire Protection and Radiant Heat Shielding solutions for the Oil & Gas and Petrochemical industry. We design fire protection blankets for critical safety systems to allow a controlled plant shutdown in the event of a fire or explosion.  NTI is committed to exceeding expectations with an unwavering philosophy that quality, productivity and safety are inseparable components to Onshore and Offshore installations nationwide.



  • NTI’s design is mostly used for the protection of actuators and valves, cable routes, conduits and signal lines, junction boxes, solenoid stations, air receivers, process vessels and other equipment applications requiring fire protection
  • Removable, fire-retardant jackets provide excellent fire protection due to their unique construction of compressed layers of insulating fiber combined with layers of steel foil
  • Its durability at very high temperature is widely accepted
  • Fitting of each parts is one of important factor for our design

We design for ease of maintenance without special tools needed when install and uninstall