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Blowers are one of necessary equipment to every factory, and they can generate both high temperature – more than 200C for some models – on the surface with high level of sound – higher than 100 dB depends on type and model – while they’re operating. NTI’s custom-made insulation can solve these environmental issues in your factory to the level that you want to– just give us a call.


High temperature on the surface of engines can severely damage surrounding accessories e.g. control switch, electrical wires, and motors. It’s also dangerous to operators in case of accidently touching and handling. HEATAWAY™ is one of the best insulation and solution to this problem with affordable investment. We can design and make it to fit with your machines and budget.

Exhaust Pipes

Exhaust systems need thermal insulation to avoid accidently touch by operators or damages of heat radiation to other peripherals. Fixed jacket by galvanized steel is a traditional and low-cost option, but it’s inconvenient to install back once the maintenance job was done. Our removable, insulation blankets are designed and fabricated to fit all exhaust sizes and shapes – with your cost.

Extruding Machines

Heat loss from extruding machine can be a serious issue for energy-saving concerns. Average surface temperature on extrude equipment is vary from 250 C to 300 C. Our energy-saving blankets can create ROI (Return of Investment) after installation within 6-12 months. You can contact NTI’s sales engineer for further information about before and after of saving calculation – it’s free of charge.

Injection Machines

Hundreds of plastic injection machines in limited space not only cause high ambient temperature, but also consume heavy load of electricity especially in the air-con room. ZAVE jackets provide 25-30% of electricity saving by average – depends on model, size, and condition of operating. Contact our sales rep today to find out why we’re different from others and how much we can save you.


Besides insulation blankets and fire-retardant fabrics for medium to large industries, we are honorably trusted by Royal Thai Army and Royal Thai Navy to supply heatproof fabric and removable insulation using on light-battle tanks and offshore-patrol vessels. These projects can assure the quality of materials we use and the craftsmanship of our production – let us know if we can help you.

Molding Machines

Heat insulation is necessary to apply on molding machines which works for SMT silicone, silicone keypad, membrane switch,and automotive tires. These moldings generate heat to make a job done and left 120-130C on the surface of the mold. You can save significant amount of electricity bills and decrease high ambient in molding area just install ZAVE removable insulation today.


Insulation inside ovens or furnaces may out of service after using for years, and this problem lead more ambient to working area.We have products and services to fix your issue effectively. Contact our technician service today for more detail about competent insulation and optimized thickness to your assets. NTI’s service team work from Monday to Sunday, just let us know your convenient time.

Cement Clinker Mill

Cement clinker mill is the main equipment in cement production line or cement clinker processing plants in cement industry. In general, the clinker ball mills have two problems while working 1) high-level of sound and 2) incomplete temperature due to heat loss. ZAVE removable insulation can figure out these problems with affordable prices plus eased of installation and maintenance.

Reflow Soldering Machines

Reflow ovens for the SMT market are designed to generate heat across the entire face of the PCB. Alltraditional reflow oven to batch ovens to automatic floor style systems cannot avoid heat loss on their surface – of course they’re operating in air-con room. NTI’s energy-saving insulation can step down temperature from 130C to 45C and save your electricity’s bill hundred thousand baht a year.


We have custom-made insulation to protect heat coming out from both gas and steam turbines. Either removable insulation jackets or galvanized one, we can design and fabricate to meet your requirements, just contact our sales rep for site meeting or provide you necessary documents or projects reference. We glad to help you safe and save from running big turbines in the plants.

Valves and Actuators

Removable, thermal insulation box is one of NTI most popular items. Valves and strainers need this insulation boxes for heat protection and saving energy from heat loss. Actuators or other control units need different specification of fire-retardant jackets to gain a short time service in case of fire. We supply both heatproof and fire-retardant jackets to help you safe and save from daily works.

Wave Soldering Machines

There are many types of wave solder machines; however, the basic components and principles of these machines are the same – they provide heat. Average surface temperature is 130C which cause loaded consumption of electricity by 2 ways 1) heat loss on the solder bath and 2) work load of air conditioning. Energy-saving blanket from NTI can annually save electricity’s bill more than 25% per unit.


We are one of professional fabricators in thermal insulation business. Our technician service can meet you on the site within 48 hours after receiving inquiry. Material and Design division will give you optimized insulation and cost. After-sales service from NTI is admired from nationwide customers. Call us today for cooperate working to figure out heat and sound problems in your factory.