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Energy-Saving Insulation

Heat loss from machines and equipment is normally found in production line. It creates hidden loss of energy consumption each year, and this issue provides us monthly loaded electricity’s bill. ZAVE™ insulation can reduce heat loss from several kinds of machine in your factory with ease of maintenance.

Heatproof Jacket

High temperature on the surface of engines or exhaust pipes can severely damage surrounding accessories e.g. control switch, electrical wires, and motors. It’s also dangerous to operators in case of accidently touching and handling. HEATAWAY™ is one of the best insulation and solution to this issue with affordable investment.

Fireproof Jacket

FIREGONE™ is a trademark of fireproof jacket which works as passive fire protection system. This flexible, fireproof jacket can be installed to valves, actuators, cable trays, control boxes, pipework, and others. It is a kind of removable, fire retardant insulation that can protect inside equipment for a short time in case of fire.

Soundproof Jacket

Decreasing noise at its source is the most desirable approach to noise control. NTI provides both sound-analysis service and sound-absorptive materials to solve noised pollution in your factory. We can design and install removable, soundproof jacket onto blowers, recycled machines, transmission box, oven and casting area, and other machines.

Expansion Joint

Non-metallic expansion joints are designed not only for relieving stress due to thermal conditions, but also to eliminate transmission of vibrations caused by fans and other equipment in ducting systems. Fabric expansion joint can be produced in various configurations to meet virtually any application requirements and operating conditions.

Welding Blanket

We fabricate welding blanketsusing for protection from sparks, spatter and slag generated by welding or metal-cutting applications. Our non-asbestos blankets are made to standard and custom sizes – a full roll is also available. NTI’s heatproof blankets are sewed with Hakamid V4A thread which is more durable to heat than polyester or fiberglass thread.

Heatproof Fabric

Our high-quality technical fabricsare available from 350C-1200C of service temperature. They are supplied by HKO – Germany in variety of weaving and coating to meet or exceed customers’ requisition. These fabrics are used as materials of heat protection and insulation system. We can also produce tried-and-tested fabric to suit your application – just let us be informed.

Ropes, Packings, Webbings, Sleeves

HKO manufactures rope, packing, webbing, and sleeve for 350C to 1,000C usage. Ropes are available in twisted, braided, and knitted form while webbings are categorized to woven and knitted one. Sleeves are produced in high-quality, partly textured and partly twisted yarns like packing’s.You can contact our sales rep for special sizes or diameter.

High-Temp Filter Bag

NTI provides various kinds of materials using for high temperature filter media. One of our most popular fabric for filter bags are P84, PPS, Nomex, PTFE coated glass fabric, and I625. These fabrics are well known for industry like incineration, cement, coal-fired boiler, metal furnace and smelter.
Other materials are available upon customer’s conditions.

Polyester Air Slide Fabric

olyester fabric is used in air slides referred to as aero slides, fluxes channels fluid or arms for pneumatic conveying of fine dry products like cements. The weave structure of filter media helps to regulate the air flow as the structure of weave with predetermined limits of porosity permits only a specific volume of air to permeate at a desired water gauge pressure through the air slide fabrics.

Miscellaneous Items

Besides fabric and thermal insulation, we also provide sewing accessories for removable, insulation jacket. You can buy stainless steel wire and bar, fiberglass thread, Hakamid thread with 316 steel wire reinforced, aluminium bar, stainless steel knitted mesh, silicone glue, and others.