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Fire-retardant design

We can also design Passive Fire Protection and Radiant Heat Shielding solutions for the Oil & Gas and Petrochemical industry. We design fire protection blankets for critical safety systems to allow a controlled plant shutdown in the event of a fire or explosion.  NTI is committed to exceeding expectations with an unwavering philosophy that quality, […]

Machine-painting service

NTI can provide painting service for many types of machinery including reflow soldering machines, heat-press machines, printing presses, chip shooters, ovens, lasers, hospital equipment, plastic injection molding machines, food processing equipment, metal stamping (punch presses, brakes and shears), metal working. Repainting on industrial, used machines Our paint is chemical and heat resistant Paint spraying for […]

Refractory-insulation service

Newtech Insulation is also a provider of products and services for steel and aluminiumfoundries.We offer a diverse range of refractory materials and services to meet your every refractory and insulation supply need.If you have questions about whether you are using the right refractory let us know and we will be happy to give you a […]

Sound-diminution consultancy

Soundproofing involves the implementation of means of protection of workers against noise, and/or of environmental protection against noise, and/or of means for compliance with regulatory in terms of acoustics of buildings (industrial, tertiary, residential …) Soundproofing can involve technologies related on the one hand to acoustic insulation and on the other hand to reverberation control […]

Energy-saving analysis

Our service of energy-saving analysisassists companies improve profitability by employing strategies and tools that increase efficiency in energy usage. The objective is to achieve a design that effectively satisfies all functional requirements, reduces operating costs relative to traditional energy efficient design, and monitor success of the programs. The steps in this process are • Perform […]