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ewtech Insulation (NTI) is specialist and a contributing of custom-made insulation blankets (removable jackets or covers)

for medium-to-heavy-industry customers e.g. oil refinery, power plant, steel casting, aluminium manufacturer, shipbuilding,

petrol chemical, electronics and automotive industries.

Our 3 major removable insulations are used as

» energy-saving jacket | plastic injection, extruded machine, reflow soldering

» heatproof jacket | exhaust system, steam and gas turbine, boiler and piping

» fireproof jacket | valve and actuator

Besides custom insulation products, we are authorized and sole distributor of HKO’s products from Germany

in South East Asia including Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Myanmar

and Cambodia. Three main products from HKO Group are

» fiberglass/ silica fabric with various kinds of coatings

» E-glass and silica needled mat with or without impregnation

» sleeve, packing, rope and webbing

We also fabricate heat-resistant products

» Welding blanket          » Fabric expansion joint

» Thermal bellow set      » High-temp filter bag

» Aluminized aramid/ heat-reflective suit

Newtech Insulation’s Products

Products by Category

NTI’s energy saving and cost effective insulation covers are custom designed, asbestos free and can be installed or removed in just minutes. They can be used on any mechanical component that is difficult to insulate or requires periodic maintenance.

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Products by Application

NTI manufactures removable insulation blankets for various kinds of industry e.g. gas engine and turbine, exhaust piping, valve and actuator, injection and extruded machine, wave and reflow soldering, oven and furnace, blower and much more.

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Products by Industry

Contact us now for energy saving project if you are in these industries; power plant, petrochemical, oil and gas, military, ship building, automotive, electronics, mining, cement, tire and molding, food and packaging, steel-copper-aluminum furnace, and other related fields.

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